Reduce Absenteeism

I really feel a part of my company's strategy and goals.

employee goals

My job role means I’m rarely in the office, it’s great to still feel a part of the team.

Everything I need to know is right here, I can even give my feedback on the latest company news.

internal communications

I still get news and updates even though I don't have a company email address.

Revamp Employee Engagement

Transform Internal Communications. Your employees are on the frontline of your organisation. Give them the tools and information they need to feel empowered and part of your strategy.

Internal communication that drives employee engagement

Unity Culture

Replace a "them and us" culture with one of unity and togetherness. An engaged, valued and informed workforce will stay committed behind your goals.

Make Better Decisions

Get a valuable insight into trends and opinions that can be used to guide future decision making, communication, business improvements and growth.

Reduce Absenteeism

75% of HR professionals say absenteeism has a large impact on revenue and productivity. Monitor, react and change wellbeing through employee engagement.

internal communications app - engage more employees

Reach Entire Workforce

Internal communication that's accessible to every employee, even those without company email. Reach office based and non-desk employees across shifts, location and circumstances.

Familiar User Experience

Thanks to the power and influence mobile phones have on our lives. Your workforce will be instantly be familiar and up to speed with your new internal communication channel.

Employee Engagement

Break through the noise and experience a new level in employee engagement and reporting compared to traditional email newsletter and intranet channels.

Internal communication for any industry

VRAMP is designed with your objectives in mind. Internal communication that engages your entire workforce.

Local Government

Secure and insightful. Real-time communication and feedback that works.

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Enhanced employee metrics that identify reasons for absenteeism which helps reduce costs.

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Improving customer service through internal communication to a workforce that is rarely at a desk.

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Targeted team communication feeds to every department creating a "can-do" culture.

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Connecting large groups of non-desk employees on mobile via push notification & alerts.

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Disengaged employees have a direct effect on your customer experience and profits.

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