Reduce Absenteeism

I really feel a part of the company plan and goals.

employee goals

My job role means I’m rarely in the office, it’s great to feel a part of the team.

Everything I need to know is right here. I can even give my feedback on the latest company news.

internal communications

I still get internal comms updates even though I don't have a company email address.

Internal Communications

Transform your Employee Engagement with our mobile app. We are offering VRAMP free of charge to help keep your team up to date during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Internal Communications & Employee Engagement with VRAMP

Better Engagement

Share news and company updates into employee feeds. Keeping everyone aware via articles, alerts, video content and surveys.

Strong Employee Advocacy

Change the way your team thinks about your organisation by pushing company brand ambassadors. Let their pride in their work help drive positive brand awareness.

Streamlined Operations

Have all internal communication activity in a single place. No unloved intranets, noticeboards, expensive printed materials or email newsletters.

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An internal communication mobile app that drives employee engagement

Good internal communication increases employee effort, reduces time off and cuts business costs.

Unity Culture

Replace a "them and us" culture with one of unity and togetherness. An engaged, valued and informed team will stay committed behind your goals.

Make Better Decisions

Measuring employee feedback gives an insight into trends and opinions. These can be used to guide future internal communication strategy and company goals.

Improve Attendance

75% of HR experts say time off work has a large impact on revenue and general feeling. Monitor, react and change wellbeing through employee engagement.

employee engagement internal communications app - engage more employees

Reach Entire Workforce

Internal communication that's accessible to everyone. Even those without company email. Reach office based and non-desk employees across shifts and locations.

Familiar User Experience

Thanks to the power mobile phones have on our lives. Your teams will instantly be familiar and up to speed with your new internal communications app.

Employee Engagement

Break through the noise and experience a new level in employee engagement. Exciting new reporting compared to traditional email newsletter and intranet channels.

Why Choose VRAMP?

Looking for internal communication mobile apps that are right for your business? Our totally secure platform that will be ready to go in 48 hours.

Totally Free

We are offering our internal communications app completely free of charge to help keep everyone connected during the COVID-19 outbreak. It's yours completely free for the whole of 2020. Keep all of your teams 100% up to date with news, alerts and information during this outbreak.

Speedy Boarding

From pushing the go button to sending your first post can be as little as 48 hours. We'll get editors access to the system so they can begin creating content and adding users. No training needed - it's so simple to use!

Slick Analytics

Visual reports that display results in a clean dashboard. Set your own benchmarks & targets, monitor user trends and study read times. Measurable reports that help develop a highly responsive internal communications strategy.

Promote Change

Our employee engagement app is for more than just comms. It can promote a culture that connects people across your business. Making everyone more productive and the company itself more profitable.

Employee Engagement

An internal communication app for any industry

VRAMP is designed with your plan in mind. An employee communication app that engages your team.

Local Government

Secure and insightful. Real-time information and feedback that works.

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Measuring employee feedback that identifies reasons for time off which helps reduce costs.

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Improving customer service through internal comms to a workforce that is rarely at a desk.

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Targeted team information feeds to every department creating a "can-do" culture.

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Connecting large groups of non-desk employees on mobile via push notification & alerts.

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Switched off employees have a direct effect on your customer experience and profits.

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Free Account

Sign up now for a free account. See how our platform can take your messages to a whole new level of engagement!

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Our Demo will include:


Brief session to better understand your needs. So we can tailor the demo to your exact internal comms needs.

Guided Tour

A personal product walk-through with a VRAMP expert. This will be done via video conference and/or online sharing of our screens.

2021 Pricing

Based on your needs, we'll put together a full pricing proposal for you to consider in 2021 and compare with other systems.

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We Are Internal Comms

From the company that provides email based Internal Communications with NewZapp, VRAMP is the market leader in measuring employee engagement feedback and statistics through employee surveys and news articles.

Trust your vital news to VRAMP. Everything we do is centred around one goal. To better engage your employees.


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