26th October 2021

What our employee survey platform offers

Employee surveys are an excellent way of gathering employee feedback and measuring employee engagement. They can enable you to drill down into specific topics giving you an informed outcome to direct future strategies.

With so much value attainable from employee surveys our development team has invested a lot of time ensuring our employee survey tools give you intuitive functionality that collates quality information.

How it works

From a single employee communications platform, you can send internal communications and employee surveys. This combined approach reduces the number of systems you need to use and keeps all of your communications in one place.

Surveys can be sent via the desktop application, email or mobile app enabling you to reach a greater proportion of your employees.

The types of employee surveys you can send

Our employee survey platform provides the tools you need whether you want to send a quick one off poll or a reoccurring staff satisfaction survey. Below is a list of VRAMP’s survey capabilities:

Multiple question survey

Whether an annual employee satisfaction survey or a training and development survey, VRAMP enables you to create your own bespoke surveys with ease. For more in-depth surveys use our conditional logic functionality to move through the surveys smoothly.

With different answer formats available each of your surveys will be neatly presented to your employees making it very easy for them to respond.

Pulse survey

Pulse surveys are a quick way to gauge opinion on a very specific subject. Usually consisting of just one or two questions, pulse surveys generally collate opinions on a regular basis. VRAMP enables you to set up and schedule your pulse surveys with ease. Once set up, all you will need to do is to monitor the responses.

eNPS survey

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) measures employee engagement from one question. Simply set up your question, choose the intervals you wish to measure your eNPS and VRAMP does everything else for you.

For more information about the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and how to get the most out of an eNPS survey read our eNPS guide.

Getting your employee surveys in front of the right people

Sometimes you may want feedback from everyone but at other times the survey may only relate to a small group of people. Our employee survey platform enables you to choose who receives your survey through our easy to use segmentation options. By honing who you send your surveys to you can ensure you only involve the people the survey is relevant and of interest to. All of which maximises employee engagement!

Analysing the results of employee surveys

Sending the survey is the first step, now it is time to interpret the results and ensure your employee’s feedback doesn’t go to waste. Our employee survey platform does the hard work for you. All of your results are presented in a dashboard showing you the answers to each question together with performance statistics such as how many people have answered the survey, how many have abandoned the survey mid way through and the overall engagement score. You can also compare surveys side by side and export your data for further analysis. This straightforward way of digesting the results makes it far easier to reach conclusions. Furthermore, with your employee surveys directly linked to your internal communications platform, you can communicate the results with ease too.

Find out more

To see our employee survey platform in action request a demo of VRAMP and we’ll show you around.

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