1st December, 2021.

VRAMP Analytics

Analytics in the context of internal comms and employee engagement is a game-changer. 48% of UK businesses don’t measure the effectiveness of their internal communications. That’s half of businesses who have no idea if their internal comms are achieving anything.

For those that do measure the performance of their internal communications they have complete visibility. They can see which departments in the organisation are most engaged and which aren’t, and they can see which content resonates the most. This level of insight enables them to make continual improvements to their approach so that engagement continues to increase. 

With analytics under your belts, you have the opportunity to use employee engagement as a real driving force to improve business output.

Analytics also brings more efficient ways of working within internal comms teams. With greater insight the team can hone in and focus on specific areas where improvements have been identified. Without analytics to identify such opportunities, most internal comms departments will try to cover all bases but only be able to do so with a very light touch. 

Due to the value analytics brings we have invested a lot of time perfecting the analytics functionality within VRAMP. 

How VRAMP analytics works

 For every article that is shared, VRAMP measures how well it has resonated with your employees. There are multiple measures that are all presented in an Overview dashboard. 

Using similar technology, VRAMP also displays results of surveys in an easy to digest way and this sits alongside the content statistics for a complete overview of every type of engagement. 

VRAMP is an all-encompassing employee engagement platform which enables our customers to send news, videos, images, files, forms and surveys. Our analytics features not only measure all of these, but it also measures any responses received from employees. By measuring every aspect of employee engagement VRAMP delivers hugely valuable insights that inform confident decisions. 

The information you will learn

 VRAMP goes beyond the traditional statistics we have all become familiar with through email marketing. Here is what you will be able to keep track of through VRAMP.

Read times

 While you can still see open and click rates through VRAMP you also receive a greater depth of information. Open rates only show you the effectiveness of the logistics that sit behind your communication processes.

Clicks give you a better indication of the value the recipient saw in the article because they are invested enough to click to find out more. But you may not always have something you want your employees to click through to. Read times give you a far more accurate representation of engagement and with VRAMPs algorithms working out the average read time for every article, you’ll know exactly what is resonating and what isn’t. 

Engagement score

 VRAMP provides an overall engagement score week-on-week. Detailed algorithms take different types of engagements into account and assign them a score. When combined, this becomes your engagement score. You can view your engagement score in real-time, week-on-week, or across a chosen data range. This enables you to benchmark and measure your performance very effectively. 

Level of employee interaction

 VRAMP is a two-way communication platform. Rather than just pushing communications out, our customers can also ask for feedback. In addition to surveys, employees can also comment on articles and use the emojis to show what they think of each article. Each of these interactions are measured and the level of variation week on week is displayed on your Overview screen. 

Survey completion rate

 When you send a survey you want to monitor how many employees have responded. VRAMP shows you this as a percentage enabling you to monitor progress, identify any fluctuations and react quickly to any concerns.  

Skills gaps

 Within each employee profile your team will list all relevant skills. Not only does this help colleagues to collaborate, it also helps you keep track of any skills gaps. You can see this at both company and team level with clear sight of the skills that are most prevalent and those that aren’t. The latter enables you to identify risks and address any learning and development requirements.

Top driver

Within VRAMP a Driver is a noteworthy topic. This is set by you so it could range from environmental factors through to team socials. Whatever Drivers you set, you can see which are of most interest at any given time giving you a good understanding of the topics your employees are most interested in. 

Employee Net Promoter Score

 Your Employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) is a one question survey that measures how your employees feel about working at your organisation. It can be automatically scheduled at set intervals to give you a continuous way of measuring employee engagement.

Every time an eNPS survey is carried out you will see the percentage of employees who have responded and your overall eNPS score. These are displayed over time so that you can quickly and easily see how engaged your employees are.  

For more information on Employee Net Promoter Score check out our guide.

Your most engaged employees

 Engaged employees are very valuable. They can become very effective advocates who help to spread your positive message across the organisation. VRAMP shows you your most engaged employees so that you can engage them and expand your reach with other employees. 

What can be achieved with VRAMP analytics

 VRAMP will open the door for you to reach a new level of insight and engagement. Data is king and that is definitely the case with employee engagement. 

For starters, VRAMP enables our customers to communicate more transparently with employees. They can inform them why they are taking the approach they have and keep employees much more in the loop. This goes a long way to better engagement.

The level of insight also leads to more confident decisions on their own strategies but beyond that, our customers are able to make employee engagement a business KPI that is reported upon just like any traditional business KPI. They also use the data to build a business case for additional resource, tools or system.

See the difference VRAMP could make to you

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