A workforce communications platform for the construction sector

Give your site employees easy access to important communications and gather engagement insight to help improve safety and culture.

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Stop their profession getting in the way of vital communications with our workforce communications platform

Those who work on site are the heart of your organisation but despite this they often hear company news and announcements secondhand. Without a workforce communications platform, messages such as vital health and safety information or updates on the company’s financial performance are often missed, delayed or lost in translation. 

The very nature of their job creates a barrier to these communications getting through. The only way to overcome them relies on labour intensive, slow and old-fashioned communication channels and communication professionals are forced to accept the fact that some messages will be dilated or simply not get through.

But there is a different way. Our workforce communications platform is accessible by everyone, giving you a direct link to every single individual, no matter where or when they work. Those in high-risk occupations will see your health and safety notifications and everyone will have an opportunity to take part in company-wide engagement initiatives.

Construction Internal communication app

The power of knowledge given to your frontline

With information at the fingertips of all your construction workers, they will have everything they need to work more productively and to feel more involved in the bigger picture.

Time given back to line managers

Line managers no longer need to be the conduit between the communication team and onsite workers. Safe in the knowledge their team are up-to-date they can focus on other priorities.

Construction Internal communication app
Construction Internal communication app

More efficient working for communicators

With one location for all comms those responsible for internal communication can focus on improving engagement rather than how to get messages seen.

A safer, more engaged workforce for business leaders

By implementing a workforce communications platform that engages with everyone, business leaders will be confident in the safety and effectiveness of every team.

Construction Internal communication app

The workforce communications platform features the construction sector really value

Implement a more effective way of communicating to build a more inclusive culture that is firmly underpinned by informed and engaged employees.

Accessed anywhere manufacturing employee communication

Access for everyone

Available via a computer or mobile app and with no passwords to remember, VRAMP gives everyone easy access to the communications they need to work more effectively.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

From company briefings to safety notices, manuals to employee contact details – everything your employees need is in one easy to navigate location.

Messages that really engage manufacturing employee communication

Messages people want to read

The highly intuitive content creator helps you produce visually appealing messages all of which are presented in an engaging feed that encourages interaction.

Never miss an alert employee communication

Instant updates

All internal communications can be sent in real-time but to maximise sight of urgent or important comms you can pin a message to the top of feeds or send push notifications.


Flexibility for better comms

Segmentation options ensure the right message goes to the right people and author user rights enable additional people to contribute for more collaborative comms.

Continual improvements employee communication

A new level of insight

Our analytics dashboards deliver detailed insight in an easy to digest format to help you continually improve engagement and company culture.

Seamlessly integrate your other systems with our workforce communications platform

We consider it our job to make your working life better. The fewer systems you and your colleagues use and monitor the more productive you can all be. Just let us know what platforms you currently use and our experienced technical team will work with you to integrate VRAMP with those systems. 

Your data security is our top priority

We are committed to keeping your data safe and ensure our workforce communications platform adheres to the most stringent security measures. Our security commitments are ongoing and more advanced than many of our competitors to give you complete peace of mind.

ISO 27001 Certification

Twice the confidence

ISO 27001 is an international information security standard. Unlike many workforce communications platforms who piggyback on their data centre’s ISO 27001 accreditation, we have our own ISO 27001 certification and only use ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Full encryption and compliance

Full encryption and compliance

All connections to VRAMP are 256-bit TLS encrypted and we have advanced firewall protection. We are compliant with GDPR and UK Data Protection Act and have Cyber Essentials certification. Two-factor authentication also adds an additional layer of security.

Consistent Data Security

Consistent security

We run daily checks on all key systems and hire an external security company to regularly perform penetration and vulnerability checks on the platform to ensure you continually benefit from a workforce communications platform with the very best security.  

The British Assessment Bureau - ISO 27001
HM Government G-Cloud Supplier
Cyber Essentials Accredited

Change the way you engage for a more contented, and productive, workforce.

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