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Give your employees and students the information they need to be able to work more effectively with our collaborative team engagement app.

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Two audiences; one highly effective team engagement app

With such diverse audiences it can be very difficult to communicate effectively with everyone. From a caretaker to a lecturer and a PA to a student – everyone has different interests and requirements. That is a lot of different internal communications and a lot of different channels to be able to communicate.

This vast communication challenge often means that either not enough communications reach the right people or too much information is received, and the communications just become ‘noise’ that people stop paying attention to.

VRAMP cuts through this noise by providing a team engagement app that connects everyone with the information that engages them, no matter where they are.

education internal communication employee experience

A better employee experience

With communications tailored to their needs and no boundaries to accessing information, every one of your employees will feel a part of your establishment.

A responsive way to digest information for students

With a similar feel to many social media platforms, students will have a familiar team engagement app that brings the right information to their fingertips.

education internal communication information consumption
education internal communication engagement

A quicker, more effective way to engage for communicators

With one location to send all communications and detailed analytics to monitor engagement, it becomes a far more productive and smarter way to work.

Better results for managers and leaders

Whether responsible for the performance & welfare of employees or students, VRAMP provides a single platform for all your communication and engagement needs.

education internal communication analytics

The team engagement app features the education sector love

Simplify the way you communicate whilst also improving engagement with our team engagement app.

Easy to use employee communication

Built with everyone in mind

From your tech hungry to your less savvy, everybody will find VRAMP easy to use. Whether accessed via mobile phone or desktop, the intuitive interface will quickly become familiar and encourage high interaction.

Messages on the go manufacturing employee communication

Collaborative content creation

Messages can be created from any location, on the team engagement app or desktop by anyone assigned author rights. This brings a truly collaborative and responsive way of working that keeps everyone informed in real-time.


Know your audience

By segmenting your audiences you can ensure they only receive information relevant to them. Engagement data shows you which messages resonate the most enabling you to confidently hone and improve your communications.

Never miss an alert employee communication

Greater focus on important messages

Inevitably some messages or surveys hold greater importance that others. For those that you really want your employees and/or students to see you can pin them to the top of each feed and send push notifications to maximise visibility.

Temperature check employee communication

Understand the sentiment of your people

VRAMP includes survey tools to gather feedback from whichever audience you choose. The bespoke surveys display the results in dashboards which can be combined with the analytics from your communications for a full 360 degree view.

Comparison chart

Evidence the ROI of your engagement efforts

VRAMP automatically compares your engagement rates over time. With date ranges that you can control, you are able to quickly demonstrate the effectiveness of your internal comms strategy and prove the value of your investment.

Achieve seamless working by integrating your other systems with our team engagement app

We consider it our job to make your working life better. The fewer systems you and your colleagues use and monitor the more productive you can all be. Just let us know what platforms you currently use and our experienced technical team will work with you to integrate VRAMP with those systems.

Your data security is our top priority

We are committed to keeping your data safe and ensure our team engagement app adheres to the most stringent security measures. Our security commitments are ongoing and more advanced than many of our competitors to give you complete peace of mind.

ISO 27001 Certification

Twice the confidence

ISO 27001 is an international information security standard. Unlike many team engagement apps who piggyback on their data centre’s ISO 27001 accreditation, we have our own ISO 27001 certification and only use ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Full encryption and compliance

Full encryption and compliance

All connections to VRAMP are 256-bit TLS encrypted and we have advanced firewall protection. We are compliant with GDPR and UK Data Protection Act and have Cyber Essentials certification. Two-factor authentication also adds an additional layer of security.

Consistent Data Security

Consistent security

We run daily checks on all key systems and hire an external security company to regularly perform penetration and vulnerability checks on the platform to ensure you continually benefit from a team engagement app with the very best security.  

The British Assessment Bureau - ISO 27001
HM Government G-Cloud Supplier
Cyber Essentials Accredited

Change the way you communicate by introducing a more productive and engaging way of reaching all your audiences.

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