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Our staff engagement software connects your employees with the information and people they need to work more efficiently.

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Use our staff engagement software to increase collaboration and employee engagement

With a workforce that spans hundreds of different job roles it is easy to understand how silo working and communication barriers can form. Add to this the fact that many employees do not have regular access to a computer and the scale of the communication challenge becomes apparent.

But for every employee that doesn’t receive, read, or know where to locate important information, productivity and morale will take a hit.

VRAMP puts relevant communications directly in the hands of every employee. Our staff engagement software keeps everyone in the loop and connects them with the information and people they need to work a more fulfilled and productive job.

Local Authorities employee communication

More collaborative working for Local Authority employees

With staff engagement software that brings the power of information to life employees will enjoy an inclusive, collaborative way of working.

More engaged and productive teams for line managers

By giving employees better access to important and relevant information line managers will have peace of mind that their teams can work more effectively.

Local Authorities employee communication
Local Authorities employee communication

More visibility of engagement for communicators

When everyone is using the same all-in-one staff engagement software there is great scope to monitor and improve employee engagement.

More confidence for Local Authority leaders

With improved communications and valuable engagement data, senior leaders have an agile and highly effective way of managing employees.

Local Authorities employee communication

The staff engagement software features Local Authorities love

Reach everyone, encourage collaboration, drive productivity, and increase employee engagement, all while simplifying how you communicate.

Easy to use employee communication

Refreshing simplicity

VRAMP is powered by many tools and features that all come together in a highly intuitive interface to make internal communication and employee engagement simple.

Never miss an alert employee communication

Messages that are heard

Important messages can be pinned to the top of feeds or highlighted through push notifications, and every message is accompanied by statistics showing the level of interaction.

One place to do everything employee communication

All-inclusive communications

With VRAMP you can reach everybody, whether via a message, video, or document. All employees are on a level playing field, without messages being delayed or diluted.

Temperature check employee communication

Collaborative working

Employees can have their voice heard through comments and surveys but they can also collaborate with colleagues through the searchable employee directory and document library.

Continual improvements employee communication

Continual improvement

The analytics dashboards provide valuable employee engagement data to inform your internal communications strategy and achieve improvements in employee engagement.

ISO certification

Quick and easy procurement

VRAMP is a Government G Cloud approved supplier making procurement a quicker and smoother process. Once purchased, VRAMP is so straightforward to use, it can be up and running in hours.

Achieve seamless working by integrating your other systems with our staff engagement software

We consider it our job to make your working life better. The fewer systems you and your colleagues use and monitor the more productive you can all be. Just let us know what platforms you currently use and our experienced technical team will work with you to integrate VRAMP with those systems.

Your data security is our top priority

We are committed to keeping your data safe and ensure our staff engagement software adheres to the most stringent security measures. Our security commitments are ongoing and more advanced than many of our competitors to give you complete peace of mind.

ISO 27001 Certification

Twice the confidence

ISO 27001 is an international information security standard. Unlike other staff engagement software that piggybacks on their data centre’s ISO 27001 accreditation, we have our own ISO 27001 certification and only use ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Full encryption and compliance

Full encryption and compliance

All connections to VRAMP are 256-bit TLS encrypted and we have advanced firewall protection. We are compliant with GDPR and UK Data Protection Act and have Cyber Essentials certification. Two-factor authentication also adds an additional layer of security.

Consistent Data Security

Consistent security

We run daily checks on all key systems and hire an external security company to regularly perform penetration and vulnerability checks on the platform to ensure you continually benefit from staff engagement software with the very best security.  

The British Assessment Bureau - ISO 27001
HM Government G-Cloud Supplier
Cyber Essentials Accredited

Change the way you engage for a more contented, and productive, workforce.

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