Retail communication directly
effects your customers

Disengaged staff can be in direct contact with your customers. These employees have a direct effect on your customer experience.

Reach Every Employee

Accessable to every employee, even those without email. Reach office based and floor staff across shifts, location and circumstances.

Surveys & Polls

Feedback is the key to internal communication. You need it to measure engagement and gauge opinion whilst your employees appreciate the fact their voice is heard.

Supporting Growth

Identify and resolve gaps in employee skillsets. Communicate opportunities for personal growth and development with your workforce.

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is the promotion of a business by its workforce. This boosts brand reputation, improves sales and make recruitment easier.

employee engagement

Engagement Scoring

VRAMP is the market leader in providing vital employee engagement feedback and statistics.

Set your own benchmarks & targets, monitor employee trends and analyse read times. Measurable analytics that help develop a highly responsive internal communications strategy.

employee driver strategy

Surveys and Polls

Employees respond more readily to surveys and polls and enable you to get a snapshot of sentiment.

Analyse overall mood and feeling within your organisation and identify areas requiring improvement.

employee net promoter score

Employee Net Promoter Score

There is a direct link between performance of a company and the engagement of their workforce.

Working towards a good eNPS can help reduce your staff turnover, meaning less money needs to be spent on recruitment and training.


Employee Engagement

"Your employees are on the frontline of your organisation. Give them the tools and information they need to feel empowered and a part of your vision & strategy."


employee communication is key to your success

an employee app for mobile first communication

create relevance for your workforce

provide content and services that matter

70% of employees now don’t work at a desk. In order to reach everybody in a retail business communication has to go digital via the only device you can guarantee everyone carries.