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Improve employee engagement

Engaged employees are extremely powerful. Research by Forbes found that highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. But many organisations are unable to track how engaged their employees are and find it hard to identify how to improve employee engagement. VRAMP removes these unknowns by continually monitoring employee engagement.

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Measure employee engagement

For you to improve employee engagement you must first have complete visibility over how engaged your employees are. An annual employee staff satisfaction survey or a regular eNPS survey is a good starting point. This will give a snapshot in time and enable you to benchmark employee engagement at regular intervals. But for a more accurate picture we recommend merging the results of these surveys with other, more subtle engagement indicators.

Our employee communications platform sends surveys and analyses the results, but we also merge this data with other signals such as the level of interaction with recent internal communications or the time spent reading a message. Engagement is monitored daily at a team and organisation level and all findings are presented in easy to digest dashboards.


Improve employee engagement

Having a benchmark of your employee engagement levels is brilliant but your aim will be to improve employee engagement and to evidence this improvement.

It is for this reason that we built employee engagement software that performs and measures both employee surveys and internal communications. From a single system you can run a survey to understand how to improve employee engagement whilst also sending messages and monitoring the effectiveness of each internal communication. With the two working in tandem, you will know which groups of employees are most engaged and which aren’t, what your employees need to feel more engaged and which type of communications will be most effective. You will also quickly see how effective your employee engagement strategy is because VRAMP measures employee engagement constantly rather than just at set intervals.

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Prove the value of employee engagement

For you to successfully improve employee engagement on an ongoing basis you need the right tools, employees who believe you can make improvements and leaders who believe in the value of your work. VRAMP provides you with all three of these.

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Get everyone involved

With our employee engagement software you can reach everybody, no matter where or when they work. Everyone will receive communications relevant to them and be able to participate in surveys. Even your hardest to reach employees will have a voice. All opinions, interactions and statistics are collated in one place, making it very easy for you to identify improvements and make employees feel more valued.

One place to do everything

Everything in one platform

Every internal communication, whether a message, video or survey can be sent via VRAMP. The performance of each message is measured and the level of engagement with each communication is also measured. Everything you need to improve employee engagement sits within one employee communication platform. VRAMP is a one-stop-shop that will help you achieve your goals far more efficiently.


Evidence the value

Our employee communications platform will help you evidence the effectiveness of your work. Through the analytics dashboards you can provide you peers with weekly employee engagement statistics. These reports include an up-to-date engagement score, comparisons over time, the most popular topics, and additional more granular details such as any prominent drops in individual team engagement levels.

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Employee engagement is the emotional connection an employee has with their employer. An engaged employee believes in the mission and values of their organisation and contributes positively to those. They are highly motivated and often go above and beyond what is expected of them.

Highly engaged teams bring significant benefits to an organisation. These benefits include:

1) Increased productivity – an engaged employee wants to do their best for their employer. They will go above and beyond what is expected of them, working more efficiently and paying closer attention to what they do.

2) Improved customer service – engaged employees believe wholeheartedly in their organisation’s mission and values. As such, they deliver a more passionate service to customers. When they take pride in what they do, your customers will notice a difference and they themselves are more likely to be loyal.

3) Reduced staff turnover – engaged employees are typically very loyal employees. With less employees looking for work elsewhere organisations can maintain momentum without the distraction, or cost, of recruiting and training up new employees.

4) Less absenteeism – contented and engaged employees are less likely to take time off. They believe in what they do and thus have more motivation.

5) Positive influence – when you have a group of employees who are advocates of the company their positivity is likely to spread to others. These advocates are also likely to take the time to support their colleagues and share the company values they believe in.

6) Improved health and safety – engaged employees not only take time to absorb safety information, they will also be more mindful of their surroundings and how their actions will impact others.

7) Better business performance – highly engaged employees directly impact organisational performance. Each of the six points above will lead to higher efficiencies and profitability.

Measuring employee engagement is vital. Without it you cannot benchmark where you are, or measure the effectiveness of improvements. There are various ways you can measure your employee engagement:

1) Employee surveys – regular employee surveys will help you understand what your employees are thinking and gather their opinion on how you can improve engagement.

2) Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) – one question that gives you an overarching view of how your employees feel about working at your organisation.

3) Staff turnover – by measuring staff turnover and absenteeism rates you can get a feel as to whether engagement levels are improving or decreasing.

4) Interaction with internal communications – the depth and regularity of engagement with internal communications can give a good indication as to how invested your employees are.

We recommend you use all of the above methods of measurement for a well-rounded, thorough understanding of employee engagement.

Employee engagement software provides tools to internal communicators and HR professionals to help them engage with employees and measure and monitor engagement levels. A good employee engagement platform will enable you to send internal communications and monitor their performance. They will also enable the distribution of employee surveys and collation of responses and establish overall employee engagement statistics.

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