Happy hospitality employees
give excellent customer service

Improve customer service and guest experience by increasing employee engagement. Use VRAMP to celebrate reviews and awards, recognise team achievements and welcome new employees.

Reach Every Employee

Distribute business news and crucial updates directly to all employees, especially those hard to reach non-desk employees. Target specific venues, departments or teams.

Drive Engagement

Celebrate achievements and awards, promote employee success, welcome and induct new staff members and share information on the latest venues, menu changes or packages.

Close The Gaps

Create a feed of information between front of house employees and senior management. Bring the entire workforce together to turn visitors into loyal repeat customers.

Promoting Employee Advocacy

Good internal communication increases employee advocacy, reduces absenteeism and cuts rec costs.

Unity Culture

Replace a "them and us" culture with one of unity and togetherness. An engaged, valued and informed workforce will stay committed behind your goals.

Make Better Decisions

Get a valuable insight into trends and opinions that can be used to guide future decision making, communication, business improvements and growth.

Reduce Absenteeism

75% of HR professionals say absenteeism has a large impact on revenue and productivity. Monitor, react and change wellbeing through employee engagement.

internal communications app - engage more employees

Reach Entire Workforce

Internal communication that's accessible to every employee, even those without company email. Reach office based and non-desk employees across shifts, location and circumstances.

Familiar User Experience

Thanks to the power and influence mobile phones have on our lives. Your workforce will be instantly be familiar and up to speed with your new internal communication channel.

Employee Engagement

Break through the noise and experience a new level in employee engagement and reporting compared to traditional email newsletter and intranet channels.

Employee Engagement

Employees must have access to all the information they need to perform their jobs at the highest level. Sharing sales targets, company goals, and reasons for management decisions can go a long way in balancing control and trust with your hospitality staff.

Employee Engagement

employee communication is key to your success

an employee app for mobile-first communication

create relevance for your workforce

provide content and services that matter

give your employees the tools and information they need to feel empowered and a part of your vision & strategy