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Our internal communications platform enables you to reach and engage with all your employees in real-time.

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Improve staff morale by improving how you engage with them

When a large proportion of your workforce are on the frontline, the ability to stay up-to-date with internal news is extremely difficult. Few employees have access to a computer and those that do have priorities that often mean they are unable to take time out.

As a result, employees often work in a bubble, siloed from other teams and unaware of organisational goals. Many will not have a confident understanding of how they fit into the bigger picture which leads to a lack of motivation.

VRAMP connects your frontline employees with the wider organisation through an internal communications platform. From the comfort of their smart device or desktop, your teams can access the information that is relevant to them, wherever they are.

employee experience

A better employee experience for healthcare workers

By implementing an internal communications platform that engages with your entire workforce, VRAMP helps employees feel valued and connected.

A more motivated workforce for line managers

With an internal communications platform that keeps all employees in the loop, line managers will have a more motived workforce enabling them to focus on other priorities.

motivated workforce

A better way to engage for communicators

Communicators will save significant time and increase their understanding of employee engagement by using one all-encompassing internal communications platform to reach everybody.

A more empowered workforce for healthcare leaders

Our internal communications platform gives everyone access to the people and information they need to have a more fulfilled and productive working life.

empowered workforce

The features healthcare organisations love

Bring all your people together with an internal communications platform that connects, empowers and drives continual improvement in employee engagement.

Messages on the go manufacturing employee communication

Share information in moments

Our quick and easy Content Creator produces visually appealing messages in minutes through either the desktop or mobile app. Messages can be sent immediately or scheduled for a more convenient time.

Easy to use employee communication

Quick and easy set up

Once new users access our internal comms platform with a secure passwordless login their personal feed will be ready to peruse. Akin to many social media platforms, users will quickly feel comfortable navigating VRAMP.

Document library

A community of collaboration

Search boxes help employees quickly access the information that will help them carry out their job more effectively. Whether the contact details of a colleague or a PPE request form, all information can be kept in one place.

Temperature check employee communication

Gauge opinion

Optional comment fields and like buttons give employees a voice on specific communications but VRAMP also has bespoke employee survey tools for when you need to gather specific, or more detailed, opinion.

Never miss an alert employee communication

Get important alerts noticed

Whether a safety notification or change in procedure, you can send critical communications from wherever you are. Messages can be pinned to the top of fields and push notifications sent to ensure everyone sees the communication.

Continual improvements employee communication

Make continual improvements

Utilise the engagement analytics to see the performance of each post, the levels of engagement per team and a time comparison of engagement levels. This can be used to make insightful decision that drive positive change.

Integrate VRAMP with your essential systems for a seamless way of working

Improve the working lives of your healthcare workers by giving them access to a collaborative internal communications platform that informs and engages. Request a demo today to see the difference VRAMP could make to your employees.

Your data security is our top priority

We are committed to your security and take our responsibilities to a higher level than many of our competitors to give you complete peace of mind.

ISO 27001 Certification

Twice the confidence

ISO 27001 is an international information security standard. Unlike many internal communications platforms who piggyback on their data centre’s ISO 27001 accreditation, we have our own ISO 27001 certification and only use ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Full encryption and compliance

Full encryption and compliance

All connections to VRAMP are 256-bit TLS encrypted and we have advanced firewall protection. We are compliant with GDPR and UK Data Protection Act and have Cyber Essentials certification. Two-factor authentication also adds an additional layer of security.

Consistent Data Security

Consistent security

We run daily checks on all key systems and hire an external security company to regularly perform penetration and vulnerability checks on the platform to ensure you continually benefit from an internal communications platform with the very best security.  

The British Assessment Bureau - ISO 27001
HM Government G-Cloud Supplier
Cyber Essentials Accredited

Change the way you engage for a more contented and productive workforce.

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