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Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are a very effective way of giving your employees a voice and ensuring they feel involved in company decisions. VRAMP includes an employee survey app that enables you to easily create meaningful surveys that connect, empower and help you drive positive change across your organisation.

Employee surveys

Give everyone a voice

For too long employees who work regular hours in one location have had a louder voice than their frontline counterparts. It’s easy to see why; the channels of engagement with these more ‘visible’ employees are much easier and more direct. But the basic needs of every employee are exactly the same. To be engaged and motivated in our job, we all need to feel connected with our organisation. Once we feel this emotional commitment, we are highly likely to be more productive and loyal as an employee.

That’s why VRAMP strips away the imbalance. Our employee survey app drives inclusivity and gives everyone a voice. Accessible without an email address or password, VRAMP provides highly secure employee survey tools that reach everyone. No matter where, how or when your employees work, every single person will have the same opportunity to get involved.

employee survey image
employee survey image

Maintain engagement

We all recognise the value of employee feedback but, in a time when survey fatigue is a very real challenge, you need to be confident that each employee survey is relevant and engaging. To achieve this, you need your ear to the ground to understand what is engaging, or disengaging, your workforce.

VRAMP is an all-encompassing employee survey app that delivers employee survey tools and internal comms solutions. There are multiple touchpoints, and every interaction or response is recorded and presented to you in user friendly infographics and dashboards. This depth of insight is not possible from standalone solutions and it is this overarching view that will enable you to continually create engaging employee surveys that accurately support and inform your employee engagement strategy.

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One employee survey app: multiple surveys

Whatever your purpose, VRAMP has the employee engagement survey you need.

Message scheduling

eNPS surveys

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an effective method of measuring employee loyalty from a single question survey. VRAMP’s eNPS survey generator can be scheduled at a frequency that suits you and the real-time results are displayed in dashboards alongside the performance of previous eNPS surveys.

Remove the admin burden

Detailed surveys

For the times when you need greater depth, such as an annual employee satisfaction survey, VRAMP’s Survey Builder helps you easily build your custom survey. With template questions for inspiration and a preview pane displaying your work in progress you can quickly create and schedule employee surveys.

Accessed anywhere

Pulse surveys

Quick pulse surveys are perfect for gauging opinion on a specific subject. With our easy-to-use pulse survey software you can send a survey via the employee survey app within minutes and have the results just as quickly! Side-by-side with your other surveys, you have all your feedback in the same place for easy reference.

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Frequently asked questions

A pulse survey is a short and quick survey that essentially takes the pulse of a specific topic relating to your employees.

eNPS stands for employee Net Promoter Score. Using a single question, an eNPS survey measures employee loyalty.

The frequency of your surveys will depend on your topic, employees, organisation and type of survey. There is no right or wrong answer but there are two rules we recommend you stick to. Only carry out a new survey once you have taken valuable action on the previous results and once you decide on the cadence, be consistent.

As a guide, a participation rate of 60% or more on an employee engagement survey is considered to be good. For a pulse survey this is likely to be a bit lower. However, there are many influencing factors that could alter this – number of employees, method of survey, time the survey is sent – to name but a few. Therefore, rather than setting a benchmark from others, we’d recommend setting your own benchmark. Send a survey, set that response rate as your benchmark and look to improve on it.

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