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Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

By asking just one question, your employee Net Promoter Score will give you an overarching view of how your employees feel about working at your organisation. VRAMP can automatically send your eNPS survey at regular intervals for a consistent benchmark that can be used to inform future engagement strategies.

enps Employee Satisfaction Survey

eNPS: the quickest way to gauge and act on employee loyalty

An employee Net Promoter Score survey is a simple but powerful tool. At just a click of a button, you can understand how likely your employees are to recommend your company as a place to work. This can then form the basis of your entire engagement strategy. From just one single question you will know whether you need to do more of what you have been doing, tweak current engagement strategies or undergo a complete overhaul.

Through VRAMP you can make this process even quicker. Following an easy set up, VRAMP’s eNPS survey tools will automatically send your employee loyalty survey at intervals you choose. Results are presented in a dashboard which compares your current eNPS score against historical results. Measuring employee loyalty doesn’t get much easier than this!

enps employee loyalty
enps employee engagement

Improve employee morale and engagement

If employees feel that their opinion isn’t being used effectively, they will quickly disengage, morale will drop and the knock-on effects on productivity, staff retention and company performance soon follow. With regular employee Net Promoter Score surveys you can take a temperature check to understand what areas and what depth follow-up surveys need to explore. By explaining these actions, your employees will see how each survey is linked and understand why it will be beneficial to participate.

At VRAMP we believe this joined-up approach to employee engagement is vital which is why our eNPS software also includes wider employee engagement survey tools and an internal communication tool. This one-stop solution means you can utilise metrics from all of your employee engagement efforts for an even quicker and more effective route to insightful actions that continually engage.

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Maximise the success of your employee Net Promoter Score survey

Our employee survey tools will help you collate and utilise your eNPS effectively.

Temperature check

Reach all employees

The value of your employee Net Promoter Score will increase when more employees participate. VRAMP includes an internal comms app which is accessible by everyone no matter where or when they work. This means you can be confident that all your employees will have the opportunity to anonymously take part strengthening your eNPS survey results.

Remove the admin burden

Remove the admin burden

VRAMP strips away any hassle related to survey administration. Your employee NPS surveys will be sent on your behalf through our employee survey tools and your employee Net Promoter Score will automatically be calculated and visually displayed in real-time. All you have to do is set the survey up at the start and make insightful decisions at the end!

Comparison chart

Communicate actions

Our eNPS software will calculate your employee Net Promoter Score on your behalf and display the results in a comparison chart so that you can quickly and easily identify the next steps. Once your actions are concluded you can communicate these with your employees through VRAMP’s employee communication tools for a seamless, highly effective process.

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Employee loyalty is a good representation of how committed an employee is to your company’s success. The more committed they are, the more productive they will be and the higher your staff retention rate will be. Employee loyalty has also been proven to directly link to customer loyalty making employee loyalty and very influential factor.

Have a look at our employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) guide to learn more about eNPS surveys, how they are calculated and how to improve your employee Net Promoter Score.

An employee Net Promoter Score survey consists of one question so it has its limitations. But an eNPS survey should always be considered part of your wider engagement strategy. Your eNPS then becomes a benchmark and an understanding of what you need to do next.

While a customer Net Promoter Score is calculated in the same way and driven from a single question, typically you would expect the eNPS to be higher than an NPS because employees have a stronger relationship with the company. A far more effective way of comparing the two is to compare trend curves to see if the two are following a similar pattern.

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