An internal communication tool that improves everyone’s working life

VRAMP is an all-in-one internal communication tool and employee engagement system that benefits everyone.

An internal communication tool that is inclusive, intuitive and insightful

Where, or when, someone works is no longer a barrier. Your internal communications will reach everyone who needs it, and your employees can share their views with ease. All your internal communications and surveys are sent from one extremely intuitive internal communication tool saving you significant time. VRAMP also measures the performance of every communication translating the results into dashboards that enable you to continually inform and improve your employee engagement strategy.

Content creator

Send engaging internal communications with ease

VRAMP’s highly intuitive Content Creator enables you to quickly produce visually appealing communications that your employees want to receive.

No more need to host videos or files on third-party platforms, VRAMP can do it all for you. Whether you want to share documents, images, links or videos, VRAMP’s drag and drop functionality enables you to bring your messages together with ease.

Should you spot a mistake once your message is live you don’t need to recall the message or send out an apology. You can just amend the article, either on the desktop or mobile app, and the change will immediately be live.

Internal communication tool - content creator
Internal communication tool - mobile authoring
Mobile authoring

Manage internal communications from anywhere

Whether at your desk or on the move you can send internal communications whenever you need to. Our internal communication tool enables you to create content and monitor engagement wherever you are.

Flexible user permissions also enable you to assign authoring rights to your colleagues. So whether you have a monthly company update or an urgent health & safety alert, VRAMP is the internal communication tool that enables you, and your colleagues, to communicate quickly and effectively.

Engagement data

See how effective your communications are

VRAMP goes far beyond the capabilities of a standard internal communication tool. As well as sending quality communications, VRAMP shows you how engaged your employees are with each piece of content.

Comments and engagement statistics are all captured in a dashboard and finely tuned algorithms automatically compare current and past performance. These statistics can also be viewed at various levels, such as per team. This detailed information is presented in easy to digest infographics to make it easy for you to analyse. This means you have everything you need to quickly react to disengagement, harness the support of advocates and make continual improvements to your internal comms and employee engagement strategy.  

Internal communication tool - engagement data
Internal communication tool - survey builder
Survey builder

Create a bespoke employee survey whenever needed

Our user-friendly employee survey tools are multi-functional giving you the option to send a staff satisfaction survey, eNPS survey or pulse survey.

Advanced segmentation options will ensure your employee feedback survey always goes to the right people and everyone will receive their survey at the same time. This means all recipients will have the same opportunity to provide their feedback in the same timescales as their colleagues. You can also maximise engagement by sending push notifications and reminders to those yet to take part.

Benchmark analytics

Fast track your survey follow-up actions

VRAMP helps you interpret your survey data by translating the results of each question into an easy to digest visual format. You can also see the overall engagement stats, giving you everything you need to quickly create insightful actions from your survey results.

Based on the engagement data you have, our internal communication tool also enables you to set benchmark targets. Perfect to monitor your ongoing performance and evidence the continual improvement you are achieving.

Internal communication tool - benchmark analytics

Ready For Change?

Internal communication tool - segmentation

Deliver comms that are relevant

To ensure your internal communications and employee surveys have the greatest impact VRAMP gives you complete control over who receives what. Effortlessly segment your employees into teams or bespoke groups and select these segments when you post a new message or survey. You can also assign themes to each message to align everything with your employee engagement strategy.

No matter what you are sending, you can be confident that you have the segmentation tools you need to keep everyone informed and engaged, and the necessary tracking to monitor ongoing engagement and performance.

Skills database

Share expertise and monitor skills gaps

Within the employee directory an employee can select their skills from a predefined list (set by the VRAMP administrator). With a list of searchable skills it makes it easier for employees to collaborate but it also helps to monitor skill levels across the organisation.

Within the Skills page you can immediately see what skills your team excel in and what skills you are lacking. This enables you to quickly respond to any learning & development needs, ensuring you maintain the right level of skills across your entire business.

Internal communication tool - skills database
Internal communication tool - document library
Document library

Link everyone with what they need

To improve productivity, when you attach a file to your communication VRAMP automatically stores it in your employee’s individual Document Library. This means your team no longer need to look back through emails to find the attachment they need or ask their line manager to remind them. Every policy document, form or employee newsletter is easily accessible in the searchable Document Library.

Employee Directory

Increase collaboration by connecting people

As a VRAMP user, each of your employees has a profile that includes a biography, skills and contact details. These details are all searchable making it quick and easy for everyone to find the colleague who can best support them.

The employee directory breaks down barriers, empowering your employees to reach out to colleagues they may not have previously had a connection with. This increase in collaboration directly improves productivity and job satisfaction.

Internal communication tool - Employee Directory
Internal communication tool - Distribution Channels
Distribution Channels

Share communications via multiple channels

Some employees will prefer to receive messages via the employee engagement app, some will prefer to view their feed on a desktop and some may prefer to receive their messages via email. VRAMP enables you to share messages through all three channels.

Create a message once and VRAMP will convert it into the appropriate format for the channel you choose. This fast, effective way of communicating not only provides greater choice to your employees, it also removes the need for you to create communications in multiple platforms

Achieve seamless working by integrating your other systems with our internal communication tool

We consider it our job to make your working life better. The fewer systems you and your colleagues use and monitor the more productive you can all be. Just let us know what platforms you currently use and our experienced technical team will work with you to integrate VRAMP with those systems. 

Your data security is our top priority

We are committed to keeping your data safe and ensure our internal communication tool adheres to the most stringent security measures. Our security commitments are ongoing and more advanced than many of our competitors to give you complete peace of mind.

ISO 27001 Certification

Twice the confidence

ISO 27001 is an international information security standard. Unlike many internal communication tools who piggyback on their data centre’s ISO 27001 accreditation, we have our own ISO 27001 certification and only use ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Full encryption and compliance

Full encryption and compliance

All connections to VRAMP are 256-bit TLS encrypted and we have advanced firewall protection. We are compliant with GDPR and UK Data Protection Act and have Cyber Essentials certification. Two-factor authentication also adds an additional layer of security.

Consistent Data Security

Consistent security

We run daily checks on all key systems and hire an external security company to regularly perform penetration and vulnerability checks on the platform to ensure you continually benefit from an internal communication tool with the very best security.  

The British Assessment Bureau - ISO 27001
HM Government G-Cloud Supplier
Cyber Essentials Accredited

Realise the true value of an internal communication tool

Make the working lives of all your colleagues better by VRAMPing up your internal comms and employee engagement.

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