21st December, 2021.

How VRAMP Measures Your Employee Engagement Score

Measuring success is a massive part of every business. At VRAMP we believe the same analytical focus should also be put on employee engagement. After all, as this infographic shows, employee engagement plays a huge role in employee productivity, profitability and even work-based accidents. By measuring employee engagement it is possible to make improvements, which in turn contribute to business success. 

What is an employee engagement score?

Put simply, an employee engagement score is the measure of an individual’s commitment to their organisation.


How do you keep track of your employee engagement score

There are several different ways to measure employee engagement and many organisations opt to use multiple measures that complement one another. Our employee engagement guide talks you through each of the different methods to measure employee engagement but for the purpose of this blog, we are going to focus on the easiest route – through the use of an employee engagement platform. 

Why is this the easiest route I hear you ask! Because employee engagement software such as VRAMP does everything for you!

Through the platform’s algorithms, VRAMP attains data on various aspects and presents the findings in a dashboard. The points from which VRAMP draws this information include, opens, views, and clicks. It’s this combination of data points that make the VRAMP employee engagement score so useful. You know that you have a reliable overview of all your tactics rather than having to compare and analyse multiple measures.

Aside from the all-encompassing nature of VRAMP’s employee engagement score and the fact you don’t have to do anything to see this score, there are other perks:

  • VRAMP provides a real-time employee engagement score – you can login and see your score at any given time.
  • VRAMP provides an engagement score at multiple levels – from the overall score of the organisation to individual teams. This ability to look at more granular detail not only helps those responsible for employee engagement but also line managers and HR.
  • The VRAMP employee engagement score includes survey participation rates because employee surveys are included in VRAMP. You can send an employee survey whenever you want to and the success of that survey will be included in your overall employee engagement score. This connection between all of your employee engagement efforts makes the VRAMP employee engagement score an extremely accurate way of measuring employee engagement.
  • You can set benchmarks to work towards and VRAMP will keep tabs of your progress as you work towards this benchmark.

What is a good employee engagement score?

VRAMP measures your employee engagement from 0-10. As a general rule of thumb, we consider anything above 6 to be good and above 8 to be excellent. But, this comes with a huge caveat. 

Our classification of ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ is based on a company that has an established employee engagement strategy. If you have only just started your employee engagement journey and began at a score of 1, to reach a score of 5 would be considered brilliant. 

So while we are asked all the time what a good score is, our advice is to never compare yourself against other organisations. Instead, look at your employee engagement score as your own journey. As long as you are seeing improvement, it is good. If you are seeing a lot of improvement it is excellent!


Employee engagement within VRAMP

For more information on how you can keep tabs of your employee engagement score, book a demo and we will show you how it will help you improve your internal comms and employee engagement.

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