Communicate, engage, measure and improve.

Reach everybody with an app that delivers the right information to the right people no matter where or when they work. Measure content performance and monitor employee engagement to confidently inform your engagement strategy.

Connect Your Workforce

VRAMP enables you to engage individuals, teams, and organisations. By becoming the platform for people to interact and respond to meaningful topics to them. 

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A personalised experience

Your employees will receive visually appealing communications that are relevant and engaging via an app that feels familiar and intuitive.

Internal communication tool - content creator
Internal communication tool - document library

Easy access by everybody

VRAMP is accessible by everybody no matter where or when they work so you can be confident that all your employees will receive the information they need and want.

A complete communication loop

Two-way communication channels give everyone a voice helping you gauge opinion and maintain a 360 degree view of your employee engagement.

Internal communication tool - survey builder
Internal communication tool - engagement data

Data that can be used to improve

Intuitive dashboards display your engagement data so you can quickly identify successes and areas for improvement.

Improve the working lives of your employees by VRAMPing up how you engage.

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