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VRAMP is designed to improve employee engagement performance by keeping your teams informed and engaged.

Management Dashboard

Everything you need to promote change at your fingertips.

Import Employees

We provide full training and onboarding for all new clients. Helping you get up and running within 48 hours.

First step is importing your employee database and organising your news feeds. This can be done via excel import, API or Azure AD.

Once done they will be invited to join your company app via email or SMS.

Your employees securely login to the app once using Single Sign-On (SSO) removing the need for remembering username and passwords.

Article Editor

You can create a variety of news articles and posts using our easy-to-use editor.

Add hero images, text and links to company documents or email newsletters.

Articles can be previewed in real-time and updated even after it has been published.

VRAMP gives you the power to stream video messages like updates from the CEO and training guides.

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Employee Survey Tools

70% of employees do not consider themselves very engaged.

Employee surveys are a gauge of the personal investment your employees have in their work. They give your employees a voice and a chance to feel heard.

VRAMP helps you to drive measurable improvements in employee engagement via regular employee surveys and real-time insights.

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Essential Metrics

VRAMP provides instant and simple employee engagement feedback and statistics.

Break free from traditional email "open & click" reporting with engagement scoring based on metrics like time spent on your article.

Set your own benchmarks & targets, monitor employee trends and analyse read times.

Measurable analytics that help develop a highly responsive internal communication strategy.

Mobile App

The most effective way to keep your team updated.

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Thanks to the influence mobile phones have on our lives your employees will instantly be familiar and up to speed with your new communication channel.

The app can be downloaded for Android and Apple iOS. Once installed users will be prompted to sign in to your organisation via SMS or email.

Employees will be notified via push notification when you publish an article. Mission critical updates will now avoid email spam filters and unread staff noticeboards.

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Article Feed

No more information overload.

Your employees will see the company wide information you want followed by more targeted team feeds.

Replace a "them and us" culture with one of unity and togetherness. An engaged, valued and informed team will stay committed behind your goals.

employee engagement mobile app

Video Streaming

Video content is one of the most powerful methods of sharing content.

Unlike email or company intranet - video is seamlessly streamed via VRAMP.

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Surveys & Polls

Feedback is the key to internal communication. It can be used to make better decisions, guide future internal communication messages and promote company goals.

You need it to measure engagement and gauge opinion whilst your employees appreciate the fact their voice is heard.

employee engagement reports

Employee Profile

Let your employees build their profile with contact information, skills and active projects which in turn generates a real vested interest in your new communication platform.

Access to colleague contact information and an insight into their skills and current projects which will speed up collaboration and workflow.