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Everything I need to know is right here, I love the video content and I can even give my feedback on the latest company news.

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I still get news and updates even though I don't have a company email address. Getting up and running was hassle-free with the information I need.

Now I've the tools needed to feel empowered and a part of the organisations vision & strategy.

Create Employee Surveys

Performing regular Employee Surveys provides you with the insights you need to improve your company in real-time

Employee Surveys & Polls

Companies that effectively engage their employees benefit from increased motivation, productivity and job satisfaction. Using VRAMP to create employee surveys will provide you with the insight you need to enjoy these benefits.

Unity Culture

Employee surveys help replace a "them and us" culture with one of unity and togetherness. An engaged, valued and informed team will stay committed behind your goals.

Make Better Decisions

Measuring employee feedback gives an insight into trends and opinions. These can be used to guide future internal communication strategy and company goals.

Push Notification

Traditional methods like company intranet, staffroom noticeboards and email newsletters sit and wait to be seen. VRAMP drives your survey directly to your audience.

Reach Entire Workforce

Employee surveys that are accessible to everyone, even those without company email. Reach office based and non-desk employees across shifts and locations.

Speedy Responses

Your employees will be able to respond quickly to your questions through the internal communications app. Making completing surveys less of a chore.

Valuable Feedback

Break through the noise and experience a new level in employee engagement. Exciting new survey reporting compared to traditional email newsletter and intranet channels.

Employee Net Promoter Score

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an effective method of measuring employee loyalty from a single question survey. This score will give you the insight you need to understand how loyal employees are to your company. Loyal employees care more about your company, work harder and stay with you longer.

Employee Net Promoter Score

Create Employee Surveys

VRAMP's employee engagement software is designed to help businesses and employees build a better workplace by giving management a continuous stream of the opinions of their employees.

create employee surveys

Build your survey

VRAMP's employee engagement software gives you the power to create employee surveys with a variety of different question and response styles. Including multiple choice, 1 - 10 sliders, yes / no selectors and free text areas for comments.

A good employee survey identifies weaknesses, builds strengths, and helps improve employee engagement by capitalising on opportunities.

In this article by Gartner you can see 9 questions that should be in every employee engagement survey.

best employee surveyssurvey-monitor-employee-feedback

Publish your survey

Send your employee survey straight to your entire workforce with VRAMP.

Surveys help you understand how your employees are feeling about the company, any changes you are implementing or the impact they are having on productivity.

Every article, video stream and survey you send with VRAMP has an instant feedback system. Just like social media posts, your employees will be able to give quick feedback on your content and you can monitor the results.

employee net promoter score

Analyse your survey

Annual surveys can be time consuming and can generate low response rates.

Using VRAMP to send shorter, regular and engaging surveys creates engaged employees and vital feedback.

Our reporting dashboard gives you the ability to see detailed analytics that will help your company gain valuable insights into your employees state of mind.

Employee Surveys are the best way to measure engagement with the added benefit of giving your team a voice and a feeling their opinions matter.

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