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Employee Net
Promoter Score

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an effective method of measuring employee loyalty from a single question survey.

What is your Employee Net Promoter Score?

An Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a measure of how likely your employees are to recommend your company as a place to work. It is based on the NPS measure associated with customer satisfaction surveys and it asks employees how likely they are to actively promote you on a scale from 0 to 10.

Your employees response to the ePNS question file them into 1 of 3 categories. Promoter, Passive and Detractor.

"How likely are you to recommend our company as a place to work?"

employee net promoter score

Detractor (0-6)

They are not particularly satisfied with you or their work and could spread negativity towards the company.

Passive (7-8)

Generally happy with the company but would be receptive to offers from other employers.

Promoter (9-10)

They are loyal and like working for your company. Actively promoting the business through word of mouth.

Your employee Net Promoter Score disregards passive scores. It is simply % promoters minus % detractors.

% Promoters minus % Detractors equals Your eNPS

This score will give you the insight you need to understand how loyal employees are to your company. Loyal employees care more about your company, work harder and stay with you longer.

What is a good eNPS score?

Company X sends an employee net promoter score survey to its 1000 employees and gets the following response:

200 (20%) were Detractors

450 (45%) were Passives

350 (35%) were Promoter

Using the eNPS formula: 35% -20% = 15

An eNPS can range between -100 to 100, a score above zero is widely considered as acceptable. A good employee net promoter score ranges between 10 - 30 whilst anything over that figure shows a very loyal, happy and driven workforce.

employee net promoter score

Employee Engagement

Employees must have access to all the information they need to perform their jobs at the highest level. Sharing targets, company goals, and reasons for management decisions form a unity culture that drives success.

Employee Engagement

Using VRAMP to improve your eNPS

The secret of running a successful employee net promoter score strategy is its simplicity. Because it is short and easy to respond too, you can ask the question more often than a full annual survey.

Sending your eNPS survey

VRAMP has an employee net promoter score survey generator.

These employee surveys can be scheduled at a frequency that suits your business.

employee engagement mobile app
employee net promoter score

Employee Responses

Your employees can send back their score quickly and simply inside the app. They are then classified as Promoters, Passives or Detractors.

The goal is to create "promoter" employees. They are enthusiastic about their work and their company. Their enthusiasm is contagious. It rubs off on other employees, and importantly onto customers.

Directly following a major change in company policy or leadership is a great time to check the employee net promoter score of your company.

Performance Dashboard

This data is vital employee engagement feedback. Using the eNPS at the core of your engagement strategy gives you a solid basis for understanding employee loyalty and can help you improve your staff retention rates.

Once you know your employee net promoter score, you can dig deeper into the results and find out why the score is high or low. Follow this Wikipedia link for more information on Net Promoter Scoring.

employee engagement mobile app

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