Employee Engagement - Internal Communications. Are You Ready for Change?

Engaging employees is key to improving happiness and productivity in the workplace but many organisations do not actively engage their workforce.

With many people working from home or not working at desks, a mobile based platform is the ideal way to communicate internally.

Why VRAMP for Employee Engagement?

Easily and quickly create effective engagement content such as company updates, employee surveys, training videos and more. See how organisations of all sizes are:

  • Increasing employee happiness and satisfaction
  • Reducing email fatigue
  • Discovering skills gaps
  • Creating insightful employee surveys
  • Reviewing detailed analytics
  • Measuring sentiment and feedback
  • Streaming videos without buffering
  • Sharing engaging content

VRAMP is a UK Government Digital Marketplace G-Cloud Approved Supplier with Cyber Essentials Certification.

All of our engagement systems and platform is deployed in ISO 27001:2013 & ISO27001:2017, we take your data security and our resonsibilities seriously. You can be assured that we will work with you to ensure your Data Governance is met.

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Employee Engagement Ideas Made Simple!


HM Government G-Cloud Supplier Employee Engagement
EU GDPR Compliance - Employee Engagement
ISO 27001:2013 Compliance

An internal communication mobile app that drives employee engagement

Good internal communication increases employee effort, reduces time off and cuts business costs.

Unity Culture

Replace a "them and us" culture with one of unity and togetherness. An engaged, valued and informed team will stay committed behind your goals.

Make Better Decisions

Measuring employee feedback gives an insight into trends and opinions. These can be used to guide future internal communication strategy and company goals.

Improve Attendance

75% of HR experts say time off work has a large impact on revenue and general feeling. Monitor, react and change wellbeing through employee engagement.

employee engagement internal communications app - engage more employees

Reach Entire Workforce

Internal communication that's accessible to everyone. Even those without company email. Reach office based and non-desk employees across shifts and locations.

Familiar User Experience

Thanks to the power mobile phones have on our lives. Your teams will instantly be familiar and up to speed with your new internal communications app.

Employee Engagement

Break through the noise and experience a new level in employee engagement. Exciting new reporting compared to traditional email newsletter and intranet channels.