8th October, 2021.

VRAMP now provides even more flexibility from one employee communication platform

VRAMP has always enabled you to deliver communications that resonate with every single employee. But now, our employee communication platform gives your employees even more choice.

You can still listen to your employees and understand what they want to be updated on and you can still send quality, visually appealing communications. But now you can choose whether to distribute your messages via the mobile app (and desktop version) or via email.

No matter which channel you choose to share your messages, you will still see our highly informative analytics that reveals a complete picture of which communications your employees are most engaged with. So, when you select this alternative communication channel you will still benefit from all of the existing perks of VRAMP.

As a SaaS business, we are constantly developing our product. This feature was developed following user feedback because we believe there is no one better to guide the development of our employee communication platform than our customers.

How VRAMP's email distribution channel will benefit your employees

With this additional communication channel, your employees now have greater choice. Should they wish to keep all their information in their inbox, now they can.

If you’re not sure which channel they would prefer to receive company communications via you can just ask them through a VRAMP employee survey. VRAMP has everything under one roof making it easy for you to interact with your employees and for them to share their preferences and opinions.

How VRAMP's email distribution channel will benefit you

In addition to knowing that you are offering your employees greater flexibility, this new feature will also make your life easier. If you previously sent messages via email AND an alternative communication platform now you will only have to create your message once instead of duplicating and reformatting your work. You simply create your message in VRAMP and select the channels that you want it to be sent through. And that’s it!
At VRAMP we firmly believe in improving the working lives of employees. That includes your working life as well as all the employees you communicate with!

This software development provides yet another weapon in your arsenal to improve employee engagement. If you would like to see more of what VRAMP can offer, sign up for a free demo or contact us with any questions you have.

Trevor Munday


I’m quick thinking & make calculated decisions that help projects & clients move forward & not stall. Helping businesses deliver on their objectives through VRAMP’s internal communications system.

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