13th January, 2022.

Create Internal Communications with Ease

With VRAMP’s highly intuitive editor you can create visually appealing communications that your employees receive straight in the palm of their hand. With the VRAMP app on their mobile device, your employees have a direct route to the communications that matter to them. No matter where they are: in the office, in a field or at a service station! As long as they have a mobile device and signal, they can stay connected. 

Sounds amazing, right? Well, it is, and we’ve only just scraped the surface.  

VRAMP provides your employees with their own personalised social media-style channel. You create communications and through the segmentation options, you only send those communications to the employees it is relevant for. By only sharing information that is of interest and useful to each individual you will naturally increase engagement. Should you choose, your employees can also like and comment on your communications which will further encourage engagement.  For any urgent messages you can also send push notifications to alert them of its importance.  

The messages you create can take on many forms – whether text, images, forms or videos. Everything is hosted in VRAMP so there is no need to click on links to watch videos for example. It all happens straight from the VRAMP app.  

For those employees who prefer receiving information via email we cater for their needs too. VRAMP’s multichannel approach allows you to create a message once and then choose your distribution channels at a click of a button. 

The knowledge share that can be achieved with VRAMP goes beyond the personalised feeds you push information to. You can also save files, such as employee handbooks and health and safety documents, in a central location for all your employees to access at any time.  

But perhaps the best bit about VRAMP is that you can share the load. Sending communications doesn’t have to sit entirely with you! You can have multiple authors who each contribute content from wherever they are. They don’t need to use a desktop and the user-friendly functionality makes it very easy even if they don’t use VRAMP regularly.  

Meanwhile, everything you send is automatically monitored. VRAMP provides insightful analytical data so you can see what resonates best, what your employee engagement levels are and how you can improve your internal communication and employee engagement processes. 

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