Internal Communication Best Practice

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internal communication best practice

Mar 02, 2020

Internal Communication Best Practice

Internal communication used to mean sending out bulk email newsletters, hoping that they would get past highly strung message filters to people across the business who would eventually read them. And who can forget the time our NHS management to kill their mail server with 1 million reply-all emails!

Internal communication and employee engagement driven strategies have changed. Embracing new technology, employee schedules and circumstances. Here are our top 5 tips for improving your internal communications.

1. Use all the tools in the toolbox

Sounds obvious, but internal comms is no different to external marketing with regards channels. Don't just stick to intranets, staff notice boards and email newsletters, embrace mobile apps, chat services and video streaming.

You are looking to replace the "them and us" culture with one of unity and togetherness. An engaged, valued and informed team will stay committed behind your goals so find out which medium they prefer to recieve information from you.

2. Develop an internal communication stratgey

Now you've got the gear - it's time for the idea!

Have a plan with 3 months of content, targets and goals. be flexible to change and ready to receive vital feedback from your audience. Set up feeds and segments to ensure the right message goes to the right places.

3. Celebrate success

Virtual high fives all round.

If employees at all levels are given a means to give virtual props to their colleagues, internal communications can become the shared responsibility of each member of the business instead of a single communication. Celebrate success - involve as many people as you can in the process to ensure you grow your champions and ambassadors.

4. Identify key metrics

Metrics on your internal communications show success and drives future strategy. Best intranet metrics measure business outcomes.

Analysing these metrics will give you a first-hand report of areas which need more attention. Metrics which give organizations a basic idea of their current position can be open & click rates, time spent on stories and video view counts.

5. Listen to feedback

Good internal communication listens to feedback and opinion from employees.

You need it to measure engagement and gauge opinion whilst your employees appreciate the fact their voice is heard.

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