5 Internal Communication Problems

When Internal Communication is not right it can cost a business time and money.

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Mar 02, 2020

5 Internal Communication Problems

The role of an internal communication professional has changed. Communicating with employees for the purpose of releasing big news or changes is not enough. If you don't use an employee communications platform, it may be challenging to reach your employees at the right time. Having an employee communications app is critical when it comes to keeping your employees informed and engaged. What are the major issues?

Non-Desk Employees

Not everyone works at a desk with access to company email or intranet.

Not having an employee communications tool that every employee, contractor and stakeholder can access can hurt your relationships with your non-desk / remote workforce. Remote working is growing rapidly and internal comms professionals need to have a plan on how to keep them informed and engaged.

Time and effort goes into producing content for your workforce only for it to be inaccessible to Non-Desk Employees. 84% of Non-Desk Employees feel they do not receive not enough support and communication to do their job.

Time Consuming

Updating multiple platforms & lack of collaboration.

Creating engaging content is difficult enough, then you have to replicate it across email, intranet , staff noticeboards and social media.

In today’s fluid business world, internal comms professionals need to ensure much better cross department communication. This ensures an even spread of content workload, fresh and interesting articles for your workforce and ultimately - fully engaged employees.

Customer facing teams like, marketing, sales, development and account management cannot work separately. In order to be successful, they need to communicate effectively on a regular basis.

Low Engagement

Little or no feedback on company news.

29% of employees say their organisation's current method of internal communication isn't working. They feel disengaged and out of the loop.

Good employee engagement is a top contributing factor to high-performance growth culture business and an undeniable producer of productivity and payback.

Getting a better engagement rate requires three key values:

  • Employees want to be known and recognised as important individuals to the business.
  • They want to be valued. Employees want to know the company cares about them.
  • Empowerment. Some employees want increased responsibility, while others may want things like training and development.

Embracing a two-way engagement to achieve a higher engagement rate and employee productivity.

Email Fatigue

Overloaded employee inboxes.

Email fatigue is a state that occurs when employees get tired of receiving email. They start to ignore messages, delete them, unsubscribe, or even worse - they send your emails to their spam folder.

Email fatigue is mostly the result of a company sending employees irrelevant emails or sending emails to frequently. Seeing gradual decrease in email engagement numbers like opens and clicks is a clear indicator of a tired and disengaged workforce.

New employee communication apps like VRAMP are designed so that the flow of information is faster, error free and more targeted with the use of feeds and teams. Millennials and younger generations within your business implement and desire modern software solutions that are mobile based.

Useable Analytics

Looking for more than just open and click rates.

Feedback and analytics are key to any internal communication strategy. You need it to measure engagement and gauge opinion whilst your employees appreciate the fact their voice is heard.

The focus should really be on measuring the impact of your internal communications on employee engagement, motivation and productivity. You need to be on top of your employee advocacy and engagement metrics go a long way to help build a suitable program for this.

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