Passionate about improving working lives

VRAMP is a central hub for all your employee communication and engagement needs. Our highly intuitive internal comms app connects your entire team with the information and people they need to work more effectively.

Our internal comms app in action

Our beliefs

  • We don’t believe it is acceptable for frontline employees to hear important news secondhand.
  • We don’t believe that communications should be sent without knowing if people want to read them.
  • We don’t believe that a business can reach its true potential until employees are engaged and empowered.
  • We do believe employees should have a voice and feel informed.
  • We do believe insightful data can transform employee engagement.
  • We do believe in improving working lives.

Our journey to improved employee engagement

VRAMP is a part of a wider group and a child company of NewZapp Communications, with a 20-year background in communications the founders of NewZapp recognised the value of communication and collaboration. They saw the difference an engaged workforce can make to business performance. So, in 2019 they set about VRAMPing up employee engagement.

We developed an internal communications and employee engagement system that connects everyone with the people, information, and tools they need to work effectively. From the frontline employee doing a night shift who previously had to wait for a team briefing to hear any company news, to the HR Manager who previously had no idea which communications employees were most interested in – VRAMP improves the working lives of everyone. 

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