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13th January, 2022.

Create Internal Communications with Ease

With VRAMP’s highly intuitive editor you can create visually appealing communications that your employees receive straight in the palm of their hand. With the VRAMP app on their mobile device, your employees have a direct route to the communications that matter to them. No matter where they are: in the office, in a field or at a service station! As long as they have a mobile device and signal, they can stay connected. 

Sounds amazing, right? Well, it is, and we’ve only just scraped the surface.  

VRAMP provides your employees with their own personalised social media-style channel. You create communications and through the segmentation options, you only send those communications to the employees it is relevant for. By only sharing information that is of interest and useful to each individual you will naturally increase engagement. Should you choose, your employees can also like and comment on your communications which will further encourage engagement.  For any urgent messages you can also send push notifications to alert them of its importance.  

The messages you create can take on many forms – whether text, images, forms or videos. Everything is hosted in VRAMP so there is no need to click on links to watch videos for example. It all happens straight from the VRAMP app.  

For those employees who prefer receiving information via email we cater for their needs too. VRAMP’s multichannel approach allows you to create a message once and then choose your distribution channels at a click of a button. 

The knowledge share that can be achieved with VRAMP goes beyond the personalised feeds you push information to. You can also save files, such as employee handbooks and health and safety documents, in a central location for all your employees to access at any time.  

But perhaps the best bit about VRAMP is that you can share the load. Sending communications doesn’t have to sit entirely with you! You can have multiple authors who each contribute content from wherever they are. They don’t need to use a desktop and the user-friendly functionality makes it very easy even if they don’t use VRAMP regularly.  

Meanwhile, everything you send is automatically monitored. VRAMP provides insightful analytical data so you can see what resonates best, what your employee engagement levels are and how you can improve your internal communication and employee engagement processes. 

For more information on VRAMP and how it will help you with your internal communications book a demo to see VRAMP in action

Trevor Munday


I’m quick thinking & make calculated decisions that help projects & clients move forward & not stall. Helping businesses deliver on their objectives through VRAMP’s internal communications system.

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How 2021 will effect the 2022 internal communications agenda

6th January, 2022.

How 2021 will impact the 2022 internal comms agenda

With 2021 now behind us, many are reflecting on the year that has passed and planning for the year to come. Us included. 

2021 – what can we say about you?

It was an extension of 2020! COVID was still very present with many internal communication departments still being consumed by COVID updates. They were forced to be far more reactive than in the past and the disruption with sickness and isolation continued to challenge organisations up and down the country.

But, despite its challenges, the COVID pandemic has actually brought some positive change within internal communications.

  1. Digital transformation – technological solutions for internal comms have been on the market for many years now. Many organisations were considering their benefit, but the pandemic gave a new level of urgency bumping internal comms software up the agenda. As a result, many organisations are now far better equipped to communicate with their employees than they have ever been in the past.
  2. Leaders became more visible – COVID changed the dynamic between our leaders and employees. Leaders were asked to step up and lead from the front. Communications were more transparent and this approach was well received by everyone. As a result, many organisations are continuing with this more personable approach.
  3. A new understanding of wellbeing – employees were put first. Their wellbeing was the biggest priority and this has readjusted thinking for the long-term.
  4. Wider organisational agendas – with a greater focus on people, 2021 saw a shift in priorities. Everyone became more aware of the organisational impact on wider societal factors. Whether that’s how an organisation achieves work/life balance or how they respond to COP26. Corporate social responsibility has risen up the agendas and we believe this trend is set to continue.
  5. A greater need for internal comms – open, honest and consistent communications have been essential rather than nice to have. Senior leaders have directly seen the impact effective internal communications can have on an organisation. This recognition for internal comms has led many organisations to invest in a stronger internal communications function.

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This year’s focus

As an internal communicator, you are riding the wave of opportunity. Your internal communications have shone in 2021. They have demonstrated the difference strong internal communications can make to individuals, teams, and organisations as a whole.

We all hope that 2022 will be known as the year things returned to normal. But, for internal communications, we don’t want normality to resume. We want internal communications to continue as an essential function that sits centrally in every organisation. Not for internal comms to sink back into the shadows.

Continuing to evidence value will therefore be essential. You need to prove why internal comms should continue to be an investment for business leaders.

To evidence the best performance possible, you are going to need to run a tight ship that operates efficiently and delivers communications that engage with the right audiences.

Download our latest guide to delivering effective internal communications for guidance on:

  • Ensuring communications resonate
  • Removing internal comms inefficiencies
  • Creating an effective internal communications strategy
  • How to measure performance
  • How to convert an internal comms strategy into an internal comms tactical plan

Here’s to a positive year to come. Internal communications are on an exciting journey and we can’t wait to see the developments and growth that take place over the next 12 months.


Rachel Stidworthy

Marketing Manager

With over 15 years’ experience in communications I have seen first-hand the difference strong internal communications can make. I am passionate about helping organisations reap the rewards of an engaged workforce and feel privileged to work for an organisation that has this same passion. We can achieve so much more when we work together towards the same goals.