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5 great staff survey questions

Happy employees are more productive and engaged at work. Employee surveys are a great way to gauge the current mood and highlight issues you may have in the workplace but they will only work if you ask the right staff survey questions.

Employee surveys must be short, easy to understand and not an exercise in fishing for compliments. If you are looking to refresh your employee engagement survey the following 5 questions can help you evaluate employee connection to your company.

Do you find your work worthwhile?

Employees need to feel their work has meaning. When asked in a recent global survey why employees stay with their current company, 32% said they felt the work they did was meaningful.

They chose this option over others like money, company culture and colleagues. In an ideal world you would only hire employees who see the benefit in what your company provides, but that is easier said than done! Using these kinds of staff survey questions in your employee surveys helps measure how many employees find meaning in their work and in turn much more likely they are to remain at the company.

Do you enjoy our company culture?

Creating an enjoyable company culture is necessary for retaining hard working employees. It’s critical your people enjoy your work culture, which includes workplace environment, company goals and expectations, and company values.

A good workplace environment can build better working relationships between colleagues and reduce absenteeism which in turn creates greater collaboration and efficiency.

How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend as a place to work?

This classic Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) question seeks to measure not just employee satisfaction or connection to your company, but whether employees like your company enough to tell their friends about it.

Many companies offer referral schemes when an employee recommends a strong candidate for a position. This helps reduce recruitment costs and your current employees are likely to be good judges of someone who would fit in well with your company’s culture.

Do you feel valued at work?

A really critical point to cover in your staff survey questions because feeling valued and appreciated at work is a very necessary component for low staff turnover rates and high employee satisfaction. 79% of employees who leave their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving.

If your employees feel valued they will often go the extra mile. Staying late, volunteering to help other teams and putting maximum effort into their work without constant need for praise. On the flipside, if they don’t feel respected and valued by the company, they won’t feel as inclined to deliver results.

Fun Question

As part of forming a good company culture one of your staff survey questions should be more relaxed. Break up the targeted questions with fun ones like “rate the coffee in the breakroom from 1 (hot mud) to 10 (Java gold)”.

Don’t make them personal – keep the focus on inanimate objects. These fun questions can uncover hidden gems too, maybe the coffee is terrible and by changing brand you see an increase in overall happiness!

If you are ready to send employee surveys and need an easy way to create the survey and analyse the results, have a look at our employee survey feature. 


Rachel Stidworthy

Marketing Manager

With over 15 years’ experience in communications I have seen first-hand the difference strong internal communications can make. I am passionate about helping organisations reap the rewards of an engaged workforce and feel privileged to work for an organisation that has this same passion. We can achieve so much more when we work together towards the same goals. 

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